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Man Falls During Back Workout https://goo.gl/dPj80n
Man Drops 168 Pound Barbell on Neck https://goo.gl/BdB4ER
Human Weight Falls Over https://goo.gl/1hd55Y
Weights Too Heavy for Guy after Clean Jerk https://goo.gl/oxegvx
Guy Falls From Exercise Machine https://goo.gl/6pe77u
Girl Tries to Walk on Hands while on Treadmill https://goo.gl/FCyRbC
Guy Facepants Mat https://goo.gl/dNqJPz
Guy Fails Clean Lift https://goo.gl/WRLWBI
Guy Does Weird Workout at Gym https://goo.gl/OZ5FJX
Exercise Machine Snaps in Mans Face https://goo.gl/93He7P
Guy Uses Kettlebell while Balancing on Exercise Ball https://goo.gl/sK72y2
Pull Up Bar Smacks Guy in the Face https://goo.gl/pFVikK
Guy Hits Himself in Face with Exercise Band https://goo.gl/s0Zbcc
Bench Backflip Fail https://goo.gl/cOIw9g
Girl Texts while Doing Leg Workout https://goo.gl/tI9Ftr
Why Aren’t These Workouts Working https://goo.gl/DG3cYl
Girl Tries to Walk on Hands while on Treadmill https://goo.gl/FCyRbC
Guys Tries Backflip while Jumping Rope https://goo.gl/q0Y0Ak
Girl Tears down Pull-Up Bar https://goo.gl/KpQxdK
Guy’s Friend Flies off Treadmill https://goo.gl/vKOF9i
Swing Burpees Fail https://goo.gl/RNHjKm
Guy Backflips on Salmon Ladder https://goo.gl/SCCnBV
Girlfriend Slips Off Boyfriend’s Shoulders During Work Out https://goo.gl/oaJwrI
Guy Drops 475 Pounds On Neck https://goo.gl/UU3JBj
Five Person Plank Attempt https://goo.gl/2QpFA5
Woman Attempts Box Jump in Gym https://goo.gl/y5UyPE
Pull-Up Bar Mishap Ends Home Workout in Pain https://goo.gl/fJ8FhS
Guy Drops Barbell on Neck https://goo.gl/OVKXhx
Resistance Band Smacks Guy in Face https://goo.gl/oYWpHR
Man does Creative Ab Workout at Gym https://goo.gl/goFQ43
Guy Squats With Rollerblades and Falls https://goo.gl/20OVFV
Chair Headstand Fail https://goo.gl/7xF1Vk
Dog Interrupts Owner’s Handstand and Steals Glasses https://goo.gl/xsb7h7
Grandma Can’t Figure out Elliptical https://goo.gl/EfMLkW
Girl’s Muscle Up Brings Bar Down https://goo.gl/ic4nh5
Mom Tries Out Exercise Equipment https://goo.gl/K3Bdkd
Dog Interrupts Owner’s 22 Pushup Challenge https://goo.gl/OUyyuv
Guy Gets Wind Knocked out of Him after Jumping on Boxes https://goo.gl/1in5H9
Girl Tries to Squat Friend https://goo.gl/4rFjr7
Woman Trips During Exercise https://goo.gl/sZmnpH
Gym Goer Uses Two Machines at Once https://goo.gl/RTIaZ3
Guy Tries to Bench Press Heavy Weights and Fails https://goo.gl/amv3Py

New Year, Same Me: Workout Fails (December 2016) || FailArmy


  1. @FailArmy , please stop adding that custom background music to random clips
    , its annoying as hell.. we know it , you know it , just stop.

  2. I hope you dont start to add Vines to your videos, i like them because i
    wanna watch fails, not vines 😉
    Have a nice day

  3. This is why I don’t go to the gym. I’m one of those people that would
    probably get caught using a machine wrong and then people would secretly
    record me and I’d be blasted on youtube channels like FailArmy. That’s my

  4. в конце -гниль ебаная чтоб он сдох со своими усиками и шевелюрой!!!

  5. ┈┈┈┈┈┈▕▔╲

  6. I’m currently typing this on Internet Explorer and I might be late but I
    just want to say Happy New Year 2008.

  7. in somme cases just some common sense would be enought to prevent all the
    pain. but why do people try to lift more than they are able to lift?!?!? i
    will never get that

  8. I’m sure some of these guys were trying to film a video and post on people
    are awesome but shit happens and that’s okay

  9. “That was a fail, guys.” REEAALLY?! WELL LA DEE DO DAH DAY, HERE I WAS

  10. I’m just wondering, why are all these people filming themselves working
    out? Are they planning on watching the footage later? And for what reason?

  11. As ever, the real gym failure are the people who go for 1 hour and only
    burn about 60 calories doing walking or light cycling (while playing on
    their phone).

  12. Another video that wasn’t in January 2017 the one with the fat ugly girl
    eating ice cream was like in 2013 or something

    Exposing Fail Army but still a fan do

  13. Ya know what, if you can even do that at 3:15 whether or not you actually
    complete “the process” (trademark Embiid) is not a fail to me.

  14. 1:35 there’s one of these in every workout fails compilation – it’s an
    unwritten rule or something.
    2:43 bonus one
    3:17 maybe it’ll work with two people … nope
    3:45 how are the manufacturer’s of these not sued out of business yet?


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