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Original Links:
Guy Falls into Water During Photoshoot https://goo.gl/C50mRe
Wiper Hits Girl’s Face https://goo.gl/G6hTSQ
Little Girl Falls Putting Up Dish Towel https://goo.gl/P4ta14
Van Takes out Cyclers https://goo.gl/2YY4KQ
Girl’s Hair Catches on Fire while Blowing out Candles https://goo.gl/RY1XZZ
Guy Falls Backward Off Bike https://goo.gl/Tqf5BL
Dog Knocks Down Little Girl https://goo.gl/03onU8
Guy Tries to Climb Wall with Hammers https://goo.gl/NSVyXt
Girl Throws Hula Hoop over Cliff https://goo.gl/6uZo1T
Pole Breaks on Dancer https://goo.gl/coFx2L
Grandfather Falls Off Scooter https://goo.gl/EKwdUC
Gun Shot Causes 5 Gallon Bucket of Water to Explode https://goo.gl/gJ4Ncy
Toy Jeep Race Crash https://goo.gl/m62p99
Baby Burns Finger on Candle https://goo.gl/Ws3DY2
Guy Hits Back on Trampoline https://goo.gl/srZjym
Firecracker Explodes in Toilet https://goo.gl/StrT0f
Teen Falls Out of Tree https://goo.gl/4LMQGA
Toddler Falls Asleep While Being Fed https://goo.gl/8dELNr
Girl Falls while Using Unsecured Pole https://goo.gl/rWmZ5O
Drone Fails to Take Flight https://goo.gl/dhXiNu
Skier Collides with Wiped Out Snowboarder https://goo.gl/vJcl4d
Dog Attacks Mini Drone https://goo.gl/ouI2TS
Dog Falls Trying to Catch Cat https://goo.gl/lDPCCs
Kayak Takes out other Boaters https://goo.gl/keUp4R
Little Girl Can’t Push Shopping Cart https://goo.gl/IXUrxk
Girl Fails at Back Handspring https://goo.gl/VnC5Rq
Man Carrying Couch Hits Ceiling Fan https://goo.gl/x11pgp
Bike Rider Falls Down Bowl Ramp https://goo.gl/Wtvd6p
Rollerblader Body Slams Cement https://goo.gl/MbcSwt
Women Fight over Bouquet https://goo.gl/OSJSsA
Bike Rider Falls Down Bowl Ramp https://goo.gl/Wtvd6p
Dirtbiker Falls at Top of Ramp https://goo.gl/5MEdbK
Gymnast Faceplants Mat https://goo.gl/kQavWa
Giant Wedding Cake Falls https://goo.gl/6O0Jfu
Skater Falls Hard In Between Rail https://goo.gl/ZVMz50
BMX Rider Injures Nuts https://goo.gl/QAYq1U
Guy Falls While Dancing https://goo.gl/VZyJQz
Ice Drifting Car Crashes into Cameraman https://goo.gl/XUL0bW
Sledder Crashes into Snow Bank https://goo.gl/GMsxiK
Wakeboarder Flops Across Ramp https://goo.gl/UuowvG
Helicopter Knocks down Row of Porta-Potties https://goo.gl/PIA4jP
Dad Wakes Up Son with Chainsaw https://goo.gl/rHJYCC
Fire Cracker Launch Fail https://goo.gl/5HKmtP
Elk Tumbles Down Hill https://goo.gl/siSBZM
Siblings Take Turns Going Down Sand Dune https://goo.gl/gTwdbY

Fails of the Month (December 2016) || FailArmy


  1. I’m sorry the bike video early on was not a fail . The car smashed into
    them . Recently on some of your videos the clips were genuine accidents not
    fails .

  2. 4:25 My wife and I were at this wedding. I remember this moment – she
    ducked behind the MC platform to fix herself. I didn’t even know it
    happened until after the fact. Whoever submitted this, I love you. Me and
    my wife are doing barrel rolls.

  3. 1:42 Somebody should hold that stupid cow of mom hand over an open flame
    and see if she thinks it’s fine!? Imbecile Bitch!

  4. I’m sorry but that was a horrible mom she let her child reach out and touch
    the candle!!!! And then she was like she’s fine she’s fine!!!! Yeah your
    child just burned her hand so shut the f up

  5. 5:24 даже если бы удалось, ещё не известно что было бы хуже, врезаться в
    кучу снега или уебаться плашмя на асфальт))

  6. the video with the chain saw is not funny. In Germany someone woke up and
    mobed his hand into the saw because he was so scared in that moment.

  7. Look. It’s time to stop buying these in-home dance poles. They are clearly
    not well designed. Same for the pull-up bars that mount in doorways.

  8. i think the dude crashing into the snow wall at 5:22 is lucky, because if
    he would have jumped onto the street he probably would have broken his ass

  9. the biker and car crash at 0.24 was awful but was the biker there
    responsible for not keeping on the right lane and moving into the opposite

  10. Failarmy stop censoring the swear words you faggots, every person who
    watches is under 13, sure, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t heard the F
    bomb 50 times.

  11. Wtf are the cyclists doing in the middle of the road going the wrong way? I
    hate people like that. I don’t wanna say that’s what you get but….

  12. 1:18 That’s the kind of conveyance you want to motorize; the kind that is
    tipped over sending you crashing to the ground due to reaching the seam
    between the lawn and sidewalk.

  13. 2:17 Damn the Chinese!! First they sell us the cheap toilets, then they
    sell us the powerful fireworks!! What else could they have intended to
    happen?! Oh, that’s right; most of us aren’t retarded. They may have been
    counting on that…..

  14. Watching all these videos of people outside enjoying nature and shit and
    then theirs me that hasn’t gone outside all winter break ?

  15. 5:05 Well, I’ve heard of steady cam, but that thing must be on one of those
    earthquake setups they put under buildings in California.

  16. Does anyone know what the song at 3:17 was? It’d be nice if Fail Army would
    just credit it, as it isn’t on the original video.

  17. hi failarmy i love your channel so so so so so so much i think ye put so
    much effort into ur videos no youtuber will never ever beat failarmy ye are
    my fav youtubers

  18. That idiot with the toilet at 2:18…would deserve a handgun and one bullet.
    Oh and not to mention those wannabe strippers like at 1:05 or 2:56, on the
    first that pole was upside down but anyway, not fixed at all…I don’t know
    if people are dumb af by themselves or somebody are holding their hands
    when they figure out ideas like those 😀 It’s not too fortunate if your
    parents are siblings you know XD

  19. So at some point, someone’s cerebellum said “Yes, it’s a fantastic idea to
    throw a firework in the loo! It won’t break at all, it’s not like it C-4.”

  20. Why are all at-home stripper poles so unstable? They’re always a guaranteed
    What’s a whore gotta do to get some at-home practice on the pole?!

  21. I hate Walmart, they gonna make me pay $20.00 for a skeleton mask when I
    could easily peel the flesh and muscle off my skull for free.

  22. I play this fun game called “stripper or pole” and for the stripper clips
    you guess what fails the stripper or the pole! It’s super fun comment if
    you get any right!

  23. absolutely stupid to put a candle in front of a baby like that. poor thing
    doesn’t know any better and, obviously, neither do the parents.

  24. 1:45 What kind of idiot touches fire? Damn, it’s like that dude doesn’t
    have a fully developed brain or something… SMH…

  25. 4:26 – This is absolutely disgusting. There is not a woman, and i mean not
    even one, that is not super dooper overweight in this video. When they
    began to run all together after the flowers,
    i’m convinced that they immediately produced their own gravity field.

  26. At 2:55 those kinds of girls make me cringe. “Oh, I better flip off the
    camera and have on tons of make-up to make myself seem cool and try to be

  27. Its funny how you just know where the place is even before you have any
    definite clue. I knew 2:03 was in Montreal even before I saw the MUC police

  28. *damn i hate this bitch* “hey baby stand over here and throw a hoola up
    really high than go after it!” yeah, ee see you dude.

  29. You know the girl who tried to throw the hula hoop in in air, I can
    actually do that and catch it on my arm and it is really easy

  30. The baby only started crying when she saw the parents and other people
    react to her touching the candle. It wasn’t because it hurt. She was just
    startled and those around her validated this reaction. This is one of the
    things parents don’t understand as they gasp and go “omg” every time their
    kid does something stupid.

  31. hey failarmy!!, I’m starting a new channel and I am targeting a specific
    group of audience: People who are interested in learning magic. Do you
    think my start is decent?? I started to upload around last week. If you
    read this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  32. i loved the bikers getting into an accident. dont be a fucking douche on
    residential roads and go too fast. there are laws about how fast you can go

  33. find the difference

  34. I don’t really consider them fails when someone is attempting really
    challenging, the gymnast, or the bmx… etc but I love people trying dumb
    shit and eating good it

  35. that kid at the end only crashed because of the negative thoughts. he
    would’ve gone down that perfectly if it wasn’t for the other kid

  36. holy crap. The chainsaw to wake up his son. Thats a bit much, don’t ya
    think? Funny, but I think I would have peed myself from being scared to

  37. that lit candle shit on a baby’s cake really pisses me off and then the mom
    going ” she’s fine” seriously this is how kids get hurt so irresponsible

  38. Sobald sich menschen unabsichtlich verletzen sind es keine Fails sonder
    unfälle! Wenn man sich wegen eigener dummheit verletzt ist das ja was
    anderes…Meine Meinung! Jeder Mensch hat eine andere 😉

    Guten Rutsch!

  39. I don’t understand these people. Why are they doing such more or less
    dangerous things although they know that they are in a failarmy video?

  40. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ FINGER MICH IN MEINEM NEUEN VIDEO! ? ? ? ?
    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ FINGER MICH IN MEINEM NEUEN VIDEO! ? ? ? ?
    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ FINGER MICH IN MEINEM NEUEN VIDEO! ? ? ? ?
    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ FINGER MICH IN MEINEM NEUEN VIDEO! ? ? ? ?

  41. 3:45 pisses me off. Shit out a potato with legs and then let it ram company
    property into other company property because “oh look how cute my ugly
    crotch goblin is.” Fuck these parents with a chainsaw.

  42. I think it’s ridiculous that people are still surprised when their toilet
    breaks. really dumbass, what we’re you expecting you threw an explosive in

  43. Congrats on 12M subscribers FailArmy, hope you had a great 2016 and now
    have the best 2017, keep the fails coming

  44. All the people that say “well done” for the cycliste on the beginning…how
    fucking dumb are you and how shit is your life ?!
    You are glad that people that did nothing to you get hit and could be dead
    just because your fat ass sitting in your car cannot give 20seconds of they
    day to pass them ?
    Realy dont understand this shit..how dumb and intolerant can people be
    those days.

  45. A beggar walked up to me and said, “I haven’t eaten anything for days.”

    I just looked at him and said, “God, I wish I had your willpower”.

  46. Who watching in 80000937465839900248 in 5 seconds we are all going to die
    from a guy named glarb glarb and ewokes

  47. 6:08

    Deer 1: Hey dude wanna go for a walk?
    Deer 2: Yeah sure sounds fun!
    Deer3: Hey guys can I *falls* alrighty then have fun.

  48. Hallo, everyone. I just uploaded a new video and I would really appreciate
    it if you could check it out (it’s really short, so you don’t have to worry
    about getting bored). I know comments like this can be a bit annoying, but
    when you’re just getting started with a new channel it almost feels like
    it’s the only way to let people know that you exist.

    Thanks if you took the time to read this and happy new year!!

  49. Haha soooo witzig 😀
    Schaut doch mal in meinem Kanal vorbei, dort erzähle ich euch alles über
    mein leben als Camgirl <3

  50. Someone should try to throw a firecracker in the toilet and then flush it !
    XD What would happen next is secret ! ;))

  51. Omg!! The first one (wedding cake) was so sad though… It was supposed to
    be their day and gravity ruined it

  52. Ебать вы америкосы конченые уюлюдки. Маленький ребенок обжегся , а вы
    смеетесь .Убогие ублюдки

  53. I hate the scene when the dogs jump on to a drone or flying toy and broken
    it with their mouth, like c’mon man it took money for us to buy things,
    especially drone which is so expensive

  54. Baby: Oooh fire! *Touch* WAAAH

    Mom: Oh she’s fine! She’s fine!
    Lady if you touched fire u would be whining too.

  55. 4:30 jesus christ they’re all fat! not a single fit african chick was in
    frame; hard to believe one of them got married. I bet one of them was rich
    or something.

  56. How to watch a fail army video

    Click on video
    Watch video
    Go to the comments and read all the comments with video times
    rewatch those videos

  57. Fail Army should make a fails and wins so you can play with your friends or
    family make a choice if they win or lose

  58. Moron bikers. Also, ladies, have a man install your stripper pole. They
    will be smart enough to actually use some screws and find a supporting stud
    to attach it to.

  59. Вас реально радует смотреть на боль и калеченье людей – да вы просто
    больные ублюдки !!!
    RUS . Transleiner это для автора .

  60. Wow FailArmy, thank you for the caption in the end. I sure could not know
    what the conversation is about without the captions.

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    Er du norsk og er interessert i PS3 gaming?

    Vel, Norsk Gaming Service vil mer enn gjerne selge PS3 deler, jailbreaket
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  62. 1:51 she cried because she got scared because the mom was stunned and held
    her hand then the 2nd one she felt the hurt so the 1st one is the one that
    she got sacred this is just a quick reminder

  63. Totally the skiers fault for hitting the snow boarder. Its a fail for the
    guy with the camera. Don’t come up on other people so close. He had room to
    go to the left.


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